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Fine Art Prints to create an atmosphere of serenity and gratitude. Click here to go into
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Inspirational Note Cards to communicate global and inner peace. Click here to go into
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Motivational Posters to celebrate diversity and human potential.
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" Nature Photography to create an atmosphere of serenity and gratitude. "

Welcome to featuring the nature photography of H. Veronika Gaia for fine art prints, greeting cards and fine art posters. Veronika presents beautiful and inspirational fine art nature scenes with peaceful intentions for self-awareness, human potential and community service.

Please browse and enjoy this user-friendly website. The links at the top of the page are easy navigation tools to view Veronika’s biography, her nature photography gallery, as well as purchasing and contact information.

• In the main “gallery,” each product line for fine art prints, fine art note cards, motivational posters and new images has its own separate gallery for convenience when ordering.

• Click on any image in these galleries and the photograph will enlarge for easy viewing and provide the customer with an order code number and location of the photograph.

• Switch galleries easily by using the gallery links at the top of the page.

• Customers may order from any gallery page by simply calling Veronika personally or sending an email by following the Buy Now procedures or the information provided at the bottom of each gallery page under purchase procedure.

• For prices, quantity discounts and shipping information, please navigate to the “purchasing” page.

• For additional questions, comments, feedback or to order at any time, navigate to the “contact” page.

Nature photographer, H. Veronika Gaia, has created fine art note cards, inspirational posters and fine art prints that are perfect for teachers, counselors, the healing profession, home, school, office décor, gifts or anywhere that a special thought or image can make a difference. Veronika's collection can be viewed here in the online gallery or purchased here in her online store.

PeacemakersArt offers a boxed assortment of note cards or custom-boxed note card assortment designed by the customer as well as motivational posters. Nature Photography is also offered as matted fine art prints suitable for framing and fine art prints custom matted and framed with a choice of color frame. Come back often and check out her latest collection of harmonious and peaceful imagery. Celebrate life and hope with Veronika's inspirational nature photography.

Every person can make a difference in our world.
PeacemakersArt provides opportunities for you to make you contribution. Nature photographer, H. Veronika Gaia, specializes in note cards to communicate the intention of global and inner peace, posters to celebrate diversity and human potential and nature photography to create an atmosphere of serenity and gratitude to the earth for its beauty.

Motivate and inspire your friends, students, staff, clients or patients by sending or displaying these intentions.

All products are perfect as gifts.

Peaceful intentions for peaceful people.

Images and thoughts for home, school and office.

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